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The FlixelPix Flickr Top Ten (Aug 10)

I thought I would post my top ten photos on flickr, more of a record for myself as the flickr stats change so regularly and the popular area isn’t accessible to the public.

1. Frozen Swans

Number 1 on the list is the photo of swans on the frozen lake taken on New Years day this year. If you click on any of the images it will take you directly to the photo on flickr.

2. November Walk

This photo was the first few images captured with the Canon 7D the day after I purchased it. This image is licensed by Getty Images.

November Walk : Orange Light

3. Landscape

Surprisingly this photo was taken in the same day as November Walk (above) and was the first photo I took with the 7D.

4. Frozen (Ivy) Heart

Another winter photo this one is again licensed by Getty Images, it was a lucky catch over the Christmas holiday period.
Frozen Ivy Heart

5. Fog on the Lough

I actually don’t like this photo. A cliche, boring, and almost too pure with the fog hiding the distant landscape.
Fog on the Lough

6. More Rugby

I am not really a sport photographer but I do try and capture the emotion, this tends to work in mono. Although this is a popular image my personal favourite is actually this photo captured at the end of a match. Flickr ranks this one at number fourteen.

More Sport : Rugby

7. The Getaway

Having chased a hoverfly around the garden for over an hour I managed to grab this macro shot just before it flew away.

The Getaway

8. Watching the Sunset

I think most people think this photo has been enhanced beyond reality but this is exactly how the sunset appeared the night before an intense storm. People left guest houses and hotels to witness the redest sunset I have seen.

Watching the sun set in Ireland

9. Giant BMXer

I am not sure I understand the formula for popular photos on flickr. This photo has been viewed less than 400 times but it has been favourited and commented on which seems to help with the ranking.
Giant BMXer jumps on building

10. The Church Revisited

I have no idea why this image is popular. It isn’t the type of photo anyone would want to display on their wall yet 700 views and 6 favourites later it makes its way into the top 10.

Church Revisited

It will be interesting to revisit the list in six months, I really hope some new photos will break through but as these photos continue to receive comments and favourites that might be a challenge.

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