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The Billingham F-Stop f1.4

Billingham F1.4 and Fujifilm

Quality camera equipment needs quality protection. I’ve hunted long and hard for a camera bag that offers both the right amount of storage with the right amount of protection. Most of the bags I’ve tried have had their good points but they never really meet all my needs, until the Billingham F-Stop f1.4.

I’ve been using the Billingham F-Stop f1.4 bag when I need to travel with a range of lenses or multi camera shoots. It really is the ‘tardis’ of camera bags, the apparent small exterior can house and protect a serious amount of kit.

Billingham F-stop

The Billingham F-stop f1.4 comes with a 2.5mm thick padded base, I have tried too many bags that don’t offer enough protection at the base where lets face it is where the damage is going to happen. The walls of the bag are thick and offer a reassuring level of protection.

Opening and closing the bag is via two quick release straps which I definitely prefer to velcro and there is an inter top flap that offers additional upper protection for your camera gear from both physical damage and from the weather. As you can see in the image (above) the upper flap also wraps around the main body of the bag to offer solid protection from the elements.

The Billingham F-Stop f1.4

Billingham F-Stop f1.4

What it carries

This bag is for travel so I am seeking to both protect my cameras but also travel with as small a bag as possible. The Billingham F-Stop f1.4 is perfect for overhead lockers in planes but at the same time is capable of storing a remarkably amount of equipment. Just as an example I packed…..

[columns width=”1/2″]
1. Fujifilm X-Pro1 with 14mm Lens
2. Fujifilm X-E1 with 35mm lens
3. Fujinon 18-55mm zoom lens
4. Fujinon 18mm lens
5. Fujifilm X20
6. Intervelometer for X-E1
7. Apple iPad Mini
[columns width=”1/2″ last=”true”]
8. Flash Cable
9. Fujifilm EF-20 flash
10. Screw on filters
11. iPad cables & Tripod plates
12. Spare batteries
13. Blackrapid camera strap
14. SD card pack

Yes, that is 3 cameras, two additional lenses a stack of accessories and an iPad which is more than I would ever carry of an everyday photography trip.

Fujifilm X20

Better still the Billingham F-Stop f1.4 carries all of this kit comfortably, there were no bulges, no stretching and pulling to close the bag in actual fact I could probably pack more in there or carry a full digital SLR setup.

The bag comes with a series of dividers and unlike others I have used these are strong, rigid and have plenty of velcro to hold them in place.


If like me you also need to carry a tripod, you can attach one by threading straps through the two sets of ‘D’ holes located under the main stud fasteners. You can also extend the capacity by purchasing additional AVEA Pockets but I can’t believe what I am able to pack in the bag as standard.

The Investment

I know, talking to other photographers that the cost of the Billingham bags can be an initial put off but there are two very important factors to consider.

Firstly consider the value of what you are putting into the bag, surely you will want to offer adequate protection? Secondly this is a bag that is going to last, how many bags have you tried and use for a year to find they lose their shape or don’t wear well?

The Billingham F-Stop f1.4 is the bag your camera investment deserves, as well as function it is also a pretty stunning looking bag into the bargain.


Billingham Bags

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