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Northern Ireland Air Balloon Festival

The Northern Ireland Air Balloon Festival held in Moira outside Lisburn brought together 32 hot air balloons from across the UK and Ireland. A spectacle of light and colour it brought the highest number of digital SLR cameras I have ever seen to a single location.There were camera lenses fitted to cameras that cost more than the balloons in the air.

It actually wasn’t the amazing photography opportunity I had expected. Dozens of balloons taking off at once makes for a tricky skyline given the sheer size of each balloon and the amount of equipment each required for launch.

There was no doubt the sky was filled colour but rather than focus on composition I thought I would focus on post production and looking at the photos without the obvious colour.

All the photos were taken with the 24-70 as the 17-40 is still in the repair process. After quite a number of hours tentatively waiting for the launch I can’t help feeling disappointed with the results.

Despite 32 balloons filling the sky a quick snapshot with the Fuji X100 remains my favourite balloon photograph to date. There are a few more photos of the event on Flickr.

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