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My Favourite Flickr App : Flickery

Back when Apple announced that iPhoto 09 was going to offer the ability to “export to flickr” I have to admit I was more than excited. iPhoto 09 arrived and suddenly I realised that every upload session was going to appear on my left hand menu bar, for me a bit of a negative.

Shortly after I moving my photographs over to Lightroom 3 and haven’t looked back. Initially I stared with Lightroom’s own export to flickr module. Yes it is easy to drag a photo to your stream and Lightroom does the rest. The problems come when I go back and edit the image for another purpose. Lightroom insists in updating the version on flickr.

Welcome Flickery

A simple export from Lightroom to my desktop and them flickery to flickery. It sounds like a wieldy process but when you see what Flickery offers in terms of set and group management it is difficult to consider any other solution.


Flickery is a flickr desktop client for Mac OS X, that offers you the combined power of the flickr photo-community and the ease-of-use of Mac OS X right through to Lion.

Uploading photos is really easy as the application works in harmony with the Operating system.. Not only can you upload an image file via Finder you can also upload from your iPhoto or Aperture Libraries directly from the flickery interface.

Flickery makes adding and managing photos on flickr amazingly easy and adds the ability to add a default description to photos that are uploaded. I have it set to add a link to my twitter and blog at the base of each photo.

Once uploaded you can edit the description, title and tags directly from the Flickery application even for photos you uploaded months previously. Actually if Flickery could handle stats (for pro accounts) you would never need to visit the Flickr site again.

Flickery allows you to organise photos in photosets or groups, and view them in full screen, flickery lets you do everything possible on the flickr website and that even includes working with your ‘favourited’ photos.  Adding photos to photosets or groups really is a matter of dragging and dropping the image on the appropriate group name on the sidebar.

One interesting feature is the ability to download a photo or add it to your iPhoto library (if the photo has been permitted for download on flickr that is).  The screen shot below shows just some of my latest favourite photos from other users :

You can manage your contacts directly from the application and better still you can blog and spread the word of your latest photo upload via blog, email and even twitter once you have entered your twitter username and password.

I would love to be able to view stats from the application or see a view count / comment count on the main interface (above). That said these are small negatives for a massively useful application.

A demo of flickery is available from the developer’s website but if you have a Flickr account I very much think you will be compelled to buy. I love it.

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