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Learning to Light

When trying to study light what better subject than an old lightbulb. I’m studying the use of a softbox and an umbrella (diffuser) to effectively light a subject. I’m trying to gain complete control over what is lit and what remains in total darkness.

Blue Light

Blue Light

Interestingly I used part of an old USB drive to get the bulb to stand upright and despite all the care in the world I still managed to smash it right after this shot. I only managed four photos before it all came to a shattering end. This set of photos was shot with an 100mm macro lens using the 3m focus option.


Bulb in Black and White

It is amazing just how much control studio lighting gives yet the variables are endless. Angles, distance and power offer a new set of challenges and opportunities. I just hope I don’t start blowing the studio bulbs.

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Tags: Last modified: November 22, 2013