Crawling Through Windows

Finding windows in the Hilden Mill that hadn’t been broken was actually quite a challenge. There is obviously something attractive about breaking an old window that I just don’t get or perhaps the breakages are caused by nature growing through the frames putting pressure on the ageing panes.

The range of Ivies, trees and roots that have infiltrated the Barbour Threads building is phenomenal and the colours created by the light reflecting on the leaves made for some interesting window views.

Reds,browns and greens all beamed through into darkened rooms a sight I wasn’t actually able to capture in any great quality as I was shooting in near darkness. It was amazing to actually be there and stand in front the windows and watch the light trying to break through the algae and moss.

In so many cases it was only the broken panes that really let any light pass into the buildings. The dirt on what windows that remained acted like a filter toning and shaping the light.

I have two more sets in the Barbour Threads series, ‘Interior  Barbour’ and yes you got it, ‘Exterior Barbour’. I think it would take literally hundreds of photos to really communicate and capture the atmosphere of what was once the busiest linen mill in the world. Today it lies silent.

The full set of window photos is available in the Flickr Set.


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