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A Botanical Revival

I purchased my Fujifilm X100 camera back in July 2011 and decided to take it on a trip around Belfast to get to know menus, functions and quirks. It was a family day out and I took just twelve photos some of which made it out of Lightroom and on to flickr.

I didn’t know the camera and I was frustrated with the first day results. I was soon to discover the X100 is a phenomenal camera and the more you get to know the power of this compact the more remarkable the images from the ultra sharp 35mm(equiv.) lens will be.

FlixelPix on FlickrYou can view more in my X100 Photos in the flickr set.

The Passing of Time

Perhaps photos are better appreciated out of season but having sat on flickr for over six months suddenly this botanical garden photo has come to life with a wave of attention. From Tumblr to Pinterest the photo has taken off being used alongside the work of Yeats and Keats.

Bizarrely when I look at this photo I revisit the sense of frustrations I had learning how to use a new piece of kit yet nearly one year on the X100 has become part and partial of my photography.

So what about this new wave of Tumblr and Pinterest attention? Well, sadly over 5000 ‘likes’ and ‘reblogs’ on tumblr hasn’t actually translated into any real benefit for this website. The image is enjoyed and the source forgotten.

You can view my 30 favourite photos taken with the X100 from July to November here. Ironically this photo doesn’t even feature.

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