Belfast with the X100F

Some days it is refreshing to just keep it simple. A rare afternoon around Belfast I decided to approach the Fujifilm X100F with a degree of simplicity. Opting just to shoot in JPG model I capped the auto ISO to 800 and adjusted the shutter speed to between 1/500 – 1/2000 to dial in the depth. The camera was set to the ACROS-G film simulation and sharpness +1 shadow -1.

Linenhall Street, Belfast

I took a totally casual approach to capturing images, I saw capturing but it process was basically snapping in the general direction of subjects. I refused to engage with the camera or check any of the shots until I was back at the computer.

In Lightroom I reduced the blacks and increased the clarity (max 10) to add a bit of grit to the image. I had to adjust the exposure in one or two of the shots and I used Lightroom’s built in straightening tools for some of the street shots to correct the verticals.

Wet Paint Belfast

Lombard Street, Belfast

Amy Montgomery

Arthur Street, Belfast

Ormeau Baths

Eyes, X100F Belfast.

It was a liberating experience, minimal thought about what was going on in the camera and even less engagement when it came down to post production process. As I made my way around the city this casual approach had me actually looking and seeing what was around me. There is a much more going on in Belfast on a busy Saturday afternoon than I ever expected. Push but do not enter.

Push, do not enter.

I have loved the X100 experience ever since the original Finepix X100, it is a special camera that offers remarkable versatility whether it be for landscapes or casual days out in the city.


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