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Belfast in Black and White

I decided to do a quick review of some of the photos in my flickr account. The above photography is of St George’s Market complete with the Big Issue seller who targets the rich who attend the niche culture market each Saturday morning I realised this is often the location of my black and white city photography.

It is in this very location where I bumped into Lisa Bonet (read more). I am sure the restraining order still allows me to post about the chance meeting. If you click on any of the photos it will take you to the image on Flickr.

The Belfast Wheel

The wheel closed shortly after this photo was taken having been in place for three years. I don’t hold myself responsible.
Belfast Wheel

The Government

Government House at Stormont.
Stormont STEM Launch

Kilroot Smog

A view across to the Kilroot Power Station where our overpriced electricity is produced.
Kilroot Smog

A Belfast Street

A view between two Belfast Streets.
Belfast Street

Stormont Hill

The view from the doors of Government house at Stormont.

New Belfast Buildings

Belfast have been a hive of development and change over the last ten years. Buildings appear on the cityscape on a near weekly basis.
Belfast Buildings

Belfast Lough

The view from the top of Cavehill across Belfast Lough. From this point you can see the entire city, Holywood, Bangor and Carrickfergus.
Belfast Lough

Behind City Hall

A narrow street behind city hall. Photographed purely as I liked the idea of double yellow lines on each side indicating you can’t park. I realise this photo is strictly black and white but I have use artistic license to include sepia tones in the post.
Belfast Street


Final Photo from the top of Cavehill just as the rain began to fall.
The Cavehill

I think the post serves as a Belfast review of the last twelve months but also how bad photographs can look a year later. Images I once thought were reasonable appear stale, dull and unimaginative. I hope the post serves as a marker for avoiding the cliched, predictable, tourist board esque photos these images personify. The line is drawn.

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