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Autumn is one of those few times of the year when I deliberately try and shoot into the sun. A a break from Long Exposure Photography I was playing with the X-Pro1 (35mm lens) and the Canon 5D (35mm lens), the Canon tends to be my video camera and the X-Pro1 for stills.

Although both lenses were 35mm the X-Pro1 has a cropped sensor so the setup works more like a 50mm lens than a 35mm which is great. Over the past year I have really got to know the X-Pro1 I can control it more and I feel I get a better sense of what I have shot compared to my 5D. With the Canon I have to imagine the shot, the bokeh the detail whereas with the X-Pro1 I feel I can trust the EVF.

FlixelPix Autumn Lightroom Preset

I am constantly asked why I still use the Canon when I have the X-Pro1 but frankly there isn’t a camera around (in the same price bracket) that can beat the Canon 5D MKII or III for video quality and control. Even the onboard sound recording is quite remarkable. It is bulky, it is heavy but when it comes to video it is a price worth paying.

Autumn Sun, FlixelPix

Still photography wise I still pretty much turn to the X-Pro1 by default. It was interesting today to see the different reaction each camera received by passing walkers.

The X-Pro1 goes virtually unnoticed yet people actually stop for the dSLR. Hold the dSLR to your eye while pointing along a path and passing walkers stop of fear of ruining your shot.

What I can’t decide is whether I prefer shooting at 35mm or 50mm (full frame equivalent). I love both 35mm lenses but I did struggle jumping between the two sizes even though there isn’t a massive difference. So, what do you think, is 50mm too might or is 35mm just too wide, what impact do you think it has on bokeh?

35mm lens is the favourite

Feel free to post your comments but lets stick to the full frame equivalent sizes i.e. 35mm on a cropped sensor is equivalent to 50mm full frame etc. It will be interesting to read your opinions on the perfect focal length, is 35mm the new 50? I will leave the poll and comments open for a few weeks.


David is a documentary and landscape photographer covering everything from dramatic long exposure landscape photography through to live music. David is a former Official Fujifilm X Photographer.


  1. On the X-Pro1, the 35mm 1.4, which gives the 50mm 1.4 equiv, is my lens of choice for the camera. Sharp, fast. Fantastic results. And I agree, people tend to leave me alone and let me shoot on the street with the X-Pro1.

  2. Ha.. exactly the dilemma I am in..
    I am also trying to select an appropriate lens for X-Pro1. Go for 35mm(53mm)?? OR wait for 23mm(35mm)?? My interest lies in People, Street, Family Shots, Travel, Close-ups etc., and I love bokeh.. Hopefully, this thread would shed some light..

    Lovely colors David, as always 🙂

  3. I think it depends on the subject. For landscapes the 35mm definitely works better as it gives you a bit more of the environment that the subject is in. I never really used to use the 35mm focal range that much until I got the x100 and now I seem to “see” in 35mm.

    Where is that by the way? It looks like a lovely walk.

  4. Thomas, this is Lurgan park. A fantastic tree lined avenue. I think was there on just the right day as the weather changed dramatically a few hours later.

  5. It most certainly depends on how/what you like to shoot. If I could have just one prime lens to carry with me it would be a 35mm FF equivalent focal length. It is the most versatile lens for things I like to shoot – urban landscapes and environmental portraits. It is a wide angle lens but not so wide that distortion is prominent. I can shoot up close for details or step back for architectural shots. I can get full body or group shots in a room without feeling cramped. 35mm is a wonderful portrait lens at the right distance, just don’t get too close and keep the face away from the extreme edges. I love the 50mm FF equivalent as well for some things. It often just feels too tight for my style of shooting.

  6. Agree.. 23mm1.4(35mm FF) is widely regarded as the “go to” focal length for a wide variety of subjects but the how much it would reduce/suppress the lovely bokeh that 35mm1.4(53mm FF) has?

  7. 50mm, because I started with a 50mm f/1.4(85mm fov on canon 40D) on a DSLR for good year. I truly started on a 40mm and 45mm on film but no one really cares.

    [Rant : The beginning]
    Speaking of no one really cares and being contradictory… I am not sure if I can stick with just one focal length (I did for many years, so it’s not that I can’t, it’s more of I don’t want to). I am just not that creative enough. I haven’t even shot 10,000 photos yet to start taking ok photos.

    [Never happy]
    When I have the 50, I reach for the 35. When I have the 35, I reach for the 21. When I reach for the 50, I think about the 85 and the 135 on my Canon 5D Mark III (than I sold the 35 and the 50). In the mean time I have to come to a decision of letting go of Zeiss 21 for sure and maybe the 85L along with it?? The reason for all this blabbering is because of how impressed I was with the X-Pro 1’s image quality.

    My not so bright idea of simplifying is that I will patiently wait for the 23mm from fuji or zeiss and 14mm from Fuji. I am not sure if I can justify keeping the 18, since I will depart with it with the 23mm and 14mm releases.

    {David} By the way, I love seeing your photos and reading your blog time to time. I can’t say that I have read it from page 1, but it’s very good.

  8. I think I prefer the 50mm. My 35mm/1.8 is my favorite lens on my Nikon D90, and I often seem to crop photos from my X100 because I couldn’t get quite close enough.

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