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The Black and White Photography Challenge

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Last week I was nominated, by a number of fellow photographers to take part in the five day black and white challenge via both Facebook and Instagram. After the fifth nomination I decided it was time to grasp the nettle and actually start posting my five photos. It was an interesting exercise and an opportunity to look through my growing Lightroom catalogue for black and white images, many of which I had forgotten.

1. Jim Broadbent

Day 1 was a portrait of the brilliant Jim Broadbent captured on the Fujifilm X100s while he was in Belfast, summer 2013. : Read More : X100s the story so far.

Jim Broadbent flixelpix

2. Lalor Roddy

Day 2 was a portrait of talented actor, Lalor Roddy. Lalor has appeared in ‘The Good Man film‘, Cherrybomb, Game of Thrones and this image is from the film ‘Even Gods’ written and directed by Phil Harrison. : Read More : Even Gods.

Even Gods

3. Hillsborough Parish in the Snow

Day 3 saw a look back to 2010 when we saw two months of heavy snow. This a shot was through the railings at Hillsborough Parish Church, Hillsborough, County Down a few days before Christmas. : Read More : Hillsborough at Christmas.

Hillsborough in the snow

4. Kyle John Suckling

Day 4 featured my good friend, singer songwriter, Kyle John Suckling. Kyle has a new album in the works that will definitely be worth checking out. This image was captured with the X-Pro1 and 35mm lens. Read More : Kyle John Suckling.

Kyle John Suckling

5. Ernie at Avalon Guitars

Day 5 brought back one of my favourite mono images. This photo, again was captured with the Fujifilm X-Pro1 and 35mm lens and is from one of my regular visits to the Avalon guitar factory (in Newtownards). The result of a few hours in the workshop was a catalogue of photos of the guitar making process and the talented luthiers who make the without doubt some of the best hand made guitars. : Read More : Avalon Guitars, The Masters of Avalon. Honestly if you play guitar you have to try one of these instruments, they just sing!

avalon guitars


If you haven’t yet embarked on the five day black and white challenge then consider this post your own personal nomination. Post your black and white images, one per day on Instagram, Facebook etc and nominate your friends. If you’ve publish your 5 day photos in a post then by not mention it in the comments. If you are looking for some free lightroom presets for black and white processing see :  Lightroom Preset Grit .

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David is a documentary and landscape photographer covering everything from dramatic long exposure landscape photography through to live music. David is a former Official Fujifilm X Photographer.

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