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Backstage at Belfast IF with Jim Broadbent

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During Belfast’s BigIF event the serenity and relative dry of the backstage area was my only safe haven from the weather. There was a remarkably relaxed atmosphere given the scale of the project and this sheltered spot was an opportunity to grab some candid portraits with the Fujifilm X100s. You can read more about the Enough Food If event here.

I gave myself the challenge of only being able to press the shutter once with no set up or direction, literally one single image of those artists who were enjoying the buzz before making their way onto the main stage. Without exception the X100s performed and this wasn’t the brightest of areas by any means.

Jim Broadbent flixelpix

Jim Broadbent

(Above) Oscar winner Jim Broadbent performed Seamus Heaney’s poem on Ireland’s Great Famine, ‘For the Commander of The Eliza’. It was a remarkable performance as you would expect from such a remarkably sincere and talented actor.

Richard Dormer, FlixelPix

Richard Dormer

Richard Dormer not only stared in The Game of Thrones but also played the lead role in the epic Good Vibrations film telling the story of Terry Hooley. Richard used to live around the corner in now great city of Lisburn and was always know for his creative talent. I was interesting to discuss the past and depressing to think we were talking about things that happened 20 years ago.

Zoe Salmon

Zoe Salmon

Host of the BigIF Belfast event was the brilliant Zoe Salmon. Zoe, as well as fronting the event made every effort to greet and put at ease those who were about to take the stage.

Two Door Cinema Club - FlixelPix

Two Door Cinema Club

Two Door Cinema Club were not only headlining the event but had just flown through the night to be at the event. Despite their fatigue they posed for every backstage fan who asked for a photo (mostly the other artists). This photo was taken in the media tent following a short piece to camera.

Duke Special and General Fiasco - FlixelPix

Duke Special & General Fiasco

Duke Special is not stranger to the pages of this site but it was the first time I met the members of General Fiasco. The Fujifilm X100s grabbed their attention and there was a considered discussion on photography. This photo was taken in the backstage of backstage, it doesn’t get darker than this.

The BigIf event by the Enough Food IF Coalition was a fantastic success. It was great to be a part of the day which despite the weather was flawless. No sign of ego, everyone was focused on raising the issue of world hunger. Let’s just hope it makes a difference.


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