5 Must Have Accessories for the Fujifilm X100V

Over the last year I have simplified by photographer set up to three cameras. The Fujifilm X100V, the Fujifilm X100F and an old Fujica film camera. The X100 series has been by favourite camera since its launch in 2010 (see the Fujifilm X100 Photo Gallery). I’ve gone back to what attracted me to the X100 camera in the first place, simplicity. The X100 series is compact, light and easily carried around all day in comparison to a multi-lens system yet exceptionally versatile and powerful. Here are my must have Fujifilm X100V series accessories.

1. Fujifilm X100V Leather Case

The Fujifilm leather case has always been a fantastic partner to the X100 series camera. The case offers fantastic protection. It’s great for when you are hiking in the mountains sharing a rucksack with other items that could ordinarily damage the camera. 

The case comes in black and brown for the X100S, T and X100F series seeing a redesign for the X100V. The X100V case only comes in black, it’s a two-piece affair and although I prefer the original design, I understand the reasons for the update. With the added weather and dust sealing I am tending to use the half case for general use. Both cases are fantastic quality and highly recommended. See the full range of Cases here. Note: the older case does not fit the X100V camera.

X100 Camera in leather case.

2. Fujifilm X100V Weather Sealing Kit

The Fujifilm X100V camera introduced weather and dust sealing to the range. To be completely protected you need the additional Fujifilm weather sealing kit. The kit includes a lens adaptor (that allows you to add a screw on filter) and, yes a screw on filter. The kit comes on two colours depending on which X100V you have, Silver or Black. See the Fujifilm X100V weather sealing kit. As a bonus the filter adaptor opens up the opportunity to use other filters (see below).

Slieve Doan in Winter

3. X100V Lens Hood

A X100 lens hood is almost essential in broad daylight, the good news is you don’t need to go for an official Fujifilm solution. I have been using low-cost alternatives since the X100T and they are very similar in quality. It should be noted that the lens hood only works with the lens adaptor. If you have the Fujifilm Weather Sealing Kit then you have this covered, else check out the low-cost variants on Amazon

Fujifilm X100V Pro mist filter

4. Tiffen ProMist Filter

This tends to be an accessory I only use at night and oddly when it has been raining. The Pro Mist filter has made a comeback in recent years and creates an almost CineStill film look. If you want to create cinematic stills this filter is actually great fun. Note you need to have the lens adaptor accessory (above) for this filter. In my own set up I carry the Pro Mist filter in its plastic case which means I can swap between it and the weather sealing filter as required. View 49mm Pro Mist Filters.

Long Exposure X100

5. Lee Seven5 Filter System

I love capturing Long Exposure images. Although the Fujfilm X100 series is a fixed lens camera you can still capture stunning long exposure photographs. The photo above of Derwentwater was captured with the X100F delicately balanced on a rock. I use the Lee Seven5 Filter system to capture long exposure images when there is lots of light. 

You will need: The Big Stopper Filter, the Lee Seven5 filter holder and the Lee Seven5 X100 holder. This is an expensive combination but it’s considerably easier than dealing with screw on ND filters. If you want to read more about how to capture long exposure images check out the long exposure ebook.

Finally, although not a specific accessory, the Fujifilm X100V offers USB-C charging so I carry a little reserve battery pack for my phone that doubles up as a top up for the X100V.

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