18 Classic Photos of Italy

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It doesn’t matter if you are in the most picturesque location in the world if you are not the mood to take photos the results are not going to be good. Perhaps I took the wrong camera or the wrong lens combination,regardless the results or inspiration to take photos of Italy just wasn’t there. In some ways you can replace with this post you can replace “classic” with “clichéd”.

Even during a day around Venice I noticed every view was a photograph I had already seen a dozen times before, I struggled to find any sort of unique view. In the end I resorted to taking photos of other people taking photos.

I counted dozens of high end cameras with all sorts of lenses and attachments, each photographer stopping at the same point and capturing the same image as the previous caller.

It is hard to believe anyone can visit the most photographic location in the world and come back disappointed. It genuinely wasn’t the location but simply I really wasn’t interested in taking photographs when everyone around me was doing the same.

You can click on the photos to view larger on flickr.

Venice Long Exposure

Lake Garda at Sunset


Feeding the Birds in Style

Venice Door

Parking in Venice

Italian Baker

The Last Night


Night Swimming

Italy Cycles

Street Music




View of the Lake

Sand Street

Ultimately I have wrapped my holiday photos up into a post but if you are still interested in photos of Italy there are more in the flickr set here. I sure most of you have more inspiring images of Italy and Venice.

The question is how do you push yourself to capture something different, how do you keep going when it seems everyone around you is a photographer capturing the exact same images?


David is a documentary and landscape photographer covering everything from dramatic long exposure landscape photography through to live music. David is a former Official Fujifilm X Photographer.


  1. i understand what you’re saying, but your photos look beautiful to me. i also love the one with the girls & pigeons.

  2. I think you have some nice shots but I think your are right, there are a lot of snaps that others have taken. Nothing that jumps off the screen and speaks to me as an incredible image. My first suggestion to creating an original image is to include a person. I don’t mean take a picture of a person like with the pigeons. I mean in your other images. If you do that, your image will be original and not like everyone else’s because that moment can’t be recreated. I would also suggest dramatically changing your perspective. Bird’s eye view or worm’s eye view.

  3. HI!! I’m in Venice too in this day…Live near Venice (one hour by train)!! First of all sorry about my language mistake: i’m not very good in English.. Your question makes me very much reflect: Venice is a good gym for street photography, but, in general, you are likely to fall into the trivial, so that Venice is, even more so a great gym. Just yesterday the other I was in Venice and I had fun taking pictures of people with their huge SLR cameras, that were shooting in strange positions, almost plastic. Ok funny photo… but… how do you push yourself to capture something different? If you’re still in Venice, or nearby these days, I’d be happy to be able to know

  4. I’ve just been to Italy, to Venezia.Splendid place, great shots to be made there.You took really beautiful ones. I love VENEZIA! 🙂 I’ve seen Padova too, beautiful places to be in.

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