My fascination with pencils continues and being a little bit of a fair weather photographer I have turned the winter attention back to macro photography. I am using the EF100mm macro lens that is amazingly fast and sharp.

It is great to experiment with the detail you can gain from a macro lens. You can suddenly visualise aspects of items that you don’t tend to notice in everyday life. The detail of the rough wood grain or how square the tip of a pencil can be.

Pencils Macro

I think my favourite of the set has to be the pencil sharpening photography. The sharpener looks old, with every scratch and tarnish appearing to jump out from the surface of the metal.

Sharpener Macro

I think the hardest aspect of macro photography has to be hitting the focus point especially if you are not using a tripod. At f2.8 the depth of field is amazing but reduces the focus area considerably. Although you can use this to your advantage on the most point I struggled to get it item as sharp as I would have liked (no sharpening pun intended).